Bringing the performing arts to those in need.


We are Jesse and Nora, co-founders of the Tiny Traveling Theatre!

Together we have built a 160-square-foot tiny mobile venue, designed to bring theatre, music, film, & education wherever it is needed the most.  


The Tiny Traveling Theatre is designed to be towed to any corner of the country in need, from areas hit by natural disasters, to impoverished communities, to schools and parks, to hospitals and nursing homes. With state-of-the-art lighting, sound, and visual effects, our productions offer all the magic of professional theatre, but in a compact, mobile space, ready to arrive at a moment’s notice.


The initial concept for the Tiny Traveling Theatre began to develop when we heard stories of a clown troupe traveling to Syrian refugee camps within Europe with the goal of putting smiles on the faces of children and adults.


With the rising number of natural disasters occurring in America, we wanted to apply the same principle of spreading joy, hope, and compassion by traveling directly to the places that had experienced devastation, and by cheering them up through the means we know best... the performing arts.


And thus the Tiny Traveling Theatre was born! Our goal is to collaborate with artists of all kinds, from all over the country, to make theatre, music, film, dance, comedy, puppetry, and every other art form you can think of, accessible to anyone, regardless of living situation, income, or location.

We will not only travel as a performance venue, but we will collect and transport food, building supplies, first aid, and provisions to go directly to areas in need of relief after natural disasters, or to underprivileged communities in need of support.

The Tiny Traveling Theatre will also put on visually spectacular productions outside children’s hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, and nursing homes to bring professional performances to individuals unable to leave their facilities.

When you can’t go to the theatre, the theatre goes to you.

We are Jesse & Nora, co-founders of the Tiny Traveling Theatre.


The mission of our 160-square-foot mobile venue is to bring theatre, music, film, & education wherever it is needed the most.


Thank you for your support! We couldn't do this without you.



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